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Qlipso brings together financial experts from all over the world and provides consumers with more transparency in the unmanageable jungle of financial products. Find out in which countries you can already find us and become part of our global team.

Learn how Credit Cards work

Take a glance at some of the reasons Americans fall into and remain in credit card debt, as well as a few helpful tips for regaining control in financial madness.

Loan Application Tips

Having insider knowledge of the application process will allow you to understand what the lender wants and give you a better chance of getting your loan approved faster.

Are you rate-sensitive?

As a borrower, you are considered rate-sensitive if you will become financially stressed should the interest rate of your loan increase.

Get rid of Credit Card Debt

Society always thinks that some people are prone to the syndrome of ‘bad credit’. That notion, however, is not true as bad credit affects almost anyone it meets.

Test your finance language skills!

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EspañaTarjetas de créditoCuentas corriente y nóminaCuentas ahorro / Cuentas remuneradasDepósitos a plazo fijoPrestamo
ItaliaCarte di creditoConto correnteConto depositoPrestito

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