Careers is one of the leading money transfer comparison portals in the world. Our goal is to help everyone make better financial decisions when it comes to sending money to Kenya, doing regular money transfers to Slovakia or any other international transfers of funds. Our focus is on developing comprehensive financial price comparisons, as well as providing useful guidance and financial tips.

QLIPSO’s initial focus was on credit cards and we quickly became the first choice for consumers and industry experts. Our industry research and expert opinions are featured frequently in the national media. QLIPSO is now aggressively expanding into the rest of the consumer market – from everyday banking and insurance to mortgages and investments. Our ultimate goal is to change the way people think about money.

If you are interested in working in an international team where continuous development is valued, where you can work anywhere, anytime and receive a competitive salary with bonuses, then is a good choice for you.

We are always looking for new talented colleagues who have the right attitude and a keen interest in finance and affiliate marketing.

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Our team is growing and we are looking for new members. We are looking for colleagues with the right attitude and commitment. By this we mean people who take responsibility for work scheduling and time management.

In addition to the right attitude, knowledge in finance, investing, content marketing, SEO or web development is an advantage

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