About us

Qlipso helps people save on international money transfers. Whether you want to send money to Ghana or do a money transfer to Vietnam, there’s huge differences in the rates charged by money transfer services. Qlipso also offers reviews of financial products, professionals and businesses, as well as a diverse community of professionals. Qlipso is owned by KlickMedia GmbH and is based in Switzerland.

Our Mission

Qlipso is dedicated to helping people make financial decisions so they can enjoy life instead of worrying about money. To this end, we strive to make the complex simple and provide personalized attention to each user.


We analyze marketplaces – credit cards, bank accounts, insurance and more – to decisions that add value – such as offering the features, returns or experiences we believe you need for the least effort. We ask: Is the return on a particular purchase or decision worth the cost or risk of that option, and how does the choice compare to other options?

Our recommended decisions are made by full-time analysts who delve into the category’s offerings. Our guidelines and other content are also usually prepared by employees, some of whom are also specialists.