Successful loan application tips

Successful loan application tips

Having some insider knowledge of the application process will allow you to understand what the lender wants and give you a better chance of getting your loan approved faster. There are three key stages in applying for a loan: Completing the application form Proof of identity Evidence of income Described below is the general market …

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How long will it take to get my loan approved?

How long will it take to get my loan approved?

The lending life cycle of loans is broken into the following key stages, from application to discharge and refinance. Application: the processes around applying for a loan Credit Processing: the lender’s processes to evaluate your application Approval: the processes the lender undertakes to approve your loan Documentation: the processes the lender goes through to provide …

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Interest only term loans

Interest Only (IO) Term Loans

This is an increasingly common feature available for new loans. For a period at the beginning of a loan, only interest is paid. The principal remains the same during the interest only period. The loan converts to principal and interest at the end of the interest only period, and the balance gradually reduces over the …

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A rate-sensitive loan borrower in front of notebook

Are you rate-sensitive?

As a borrower, you are considered rate-sensitive if you will become financially stressed should the interest rate of your loan increase. In general terms, the range for an increase that would result in stress is 1–2 percent. Borrowers on a low income or a fixed income often need a known, consistent repayment amount so they …

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